3 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Calm During Grooming

Posted on: 17 February 2016

Anyone who owns a pet knows the importance of keeping them clean at all times. You don't want to let your pets' nails grow out of control or their hair to become all matted. Not only is it bad for them, but it can be bad for your home and your health. Matted hair can harbor all kinds of dirt, pollen and bugs. Their nails can tear up your furniture and hardwood floors. This is why it is so important to take them in and let them get groomed on a regular basis. To help your pet get through their cat grooming appointment, here are a couple tips and tricks that can help.

Bribe them with food.

It doesn't hurt to give your pet some of their favorite food to help get them through their grooming appointment. Pets tend to be motivated by food, which is why this is the perfect way to qualm their nerves. If your pet receives a treat for being good during their appointment, they will want to earn that same treat every time they go. Before long, it becomes a habit and they are excited to get groomed. This tends to work for dogs and cats alike.

Sing them a lullaby.

Just like you sing a lullaby to get your little one to go to sleep, you can do the same for your pet. Music tends to soothe the animal and get them to relax. When they are relaxed, the groomer can easily get their job done and get you on your way. It might not eliminate all of their fears, but it can definitely help out big time. Some grooming shops have soothing scents that they can use as well to help calm your animal down.

Consider an all-natural tonic.

Another thing to consider using is one of the all-natural tonics found in pet stores today. The tonic will help to relax them and get them to calm right down. The product often contains skullcap and valerian root, which are both great for helping your pet to sleep and relax. Put it into their mouth about 20 minutes or so before going in to the groomer. This way it has time to kick in and begin working. If your pet won't let you put it in their mouth, you can put it on one of their favorite treats.

By going through the tips above, you can make your next grooming experience a positive one.