4 Benefits Of A Canned Food Diet For Your Dog

Posted on: 27 December 2015

While a dry food diet is the least expensive option if you own a dog. A canned food diet can enhance your dog's nutrition in a number of ways. If you are considering making a change from dry food to canned food for your dog but are not quite sure of the benefits, then these will be outlined below.

Reduce Preservative Intake

Canned food tends to contain less preservatives than dried food. The majority of canned food will not contain any artificial colorings and flavorings. Artificial colorings and flavorings may provoke an allergic reaction in some dogs. If you have found out or suspect that your dog is in any way sensitive to the preservatives or artificial flavorings used in dry food, you should consider switching to a canned food diet.

Low Levels Of Carbohydrates

Dry food contains high levels of carbohydrates. The high level of carbohydrates is what helps to hold the kibble together. However, canned food usually contains lower levels of carbohydrates, and more protein due to its heavier meat content. If you want to reduce your dog's carbohydrate intake and increase their protein intake, then canned food is the best option for your pet.

High Water Content

Canned food is made up of mostly water, so if your dog is suffering from obesity, then this is a good choice. Due to its high water content, canned food will let your dog feel fuller faster while taking in less calories. This will increase your dog's chances of losing weight. If you have a dog who does not like to drink a lot of water, then a canned food diet is one way to get your pet to consume more water and prevent dehydration.

Richer Scents And Flavors

If your dog is older and has lost some of their ability to smell, you may find that they are more likely to eat heartily when presented with canned food. This is because canned food tends to have a higher scent and the flavors tend to be richer.

  Deciding whether to feed your dog dry food or to switch over to a canned food diet is a choice that must be made based on the needs of your pet. Many dogs prefer the meatier and more water rich canned food diet. The best way to find out what works for your dog is to just go ahead and feed them canned food and see how they react to it. For more information about pet care, contact a business such as Abri Animal Hospital