Considerations For When Your Dog Can't Come Along

Posted on: 8 July 2015

Best friends are always there for each other, which is why you want the best for your dog when you can't be around. Whether it's short or long term, sometimes you can't travel with your pup and you need to find a temporary solution until the two of you can be playing fetch again. To help you narrow your search, consider the following as you venture into the options of who can keep an eye on your dog.


It's incredibly important to find someone you trust taking care of your dog. This not only guarantees that your dog will be in good hands, but it sets your mind at ease knowing who he or she is with. If you're planning on leaving your pup with a relative or close friend, you might even get some "canine selfies" sent to you along your travels. Trust is key.

If you're leaving your dog with a pet-hotel or kennel facility, check with your veterinarian for recommendations. Utilize the information they have about the local care facilities. They can help steer you in a direction that would be best for your dog and his or her personality and needs. Not only can your dog care providers give you a detailed insight to the options you have, they can also recommend a facility that has transportation options to the clinic, in case there is an emergency.

Room to Roam

Standards for dogs and treatment has changed overtime and now a lot more is required to make sure they're comfortable. While a dog doesn't need a fluffy mattress or a hot tub to relax, they do need space. Leaving your dog for any amount of time can cause a ripple of emotions including excitement, frustrations, fear, anger, or sadness. Having space to reflect, relax, and run is the best way to make sure your dog is taken care of.  

If you've planned on leaving your dog with someone you know, they best have a yard. Dogs are all different and if you haven't left yours alone before, you may not know how they will react to being with someone new for a long period of time. Having a yard so they can be free to roam or just a place to run laps will allow your dog to relax and feel comfortable.

Be sure to find out what the conditions are like if you're planning on using a dog care business. Ask to see the outdoor space or find out the schedules they keep for your pup. Make sure to include whether or not your dog is comfortable around other dogs. Not only does this help you choose the best provider, but it helps the caregivers know what your dog needs to make the stay a good experience. Treat it like a hotel you would stay at and ask the right questions such as:

  • Are all pets required to be up-to-date on vaccinations?
  • Are the outdoor spaces and runs protected from harsh weather conditions?
  • How big are the kennels and spaces?
  • How often are the pets fed?


How much attention does your dog need? While some may enjoy spending most of the day lounging around with an occasional meal in between, others may need a constant companion. Take into account what you do on a daily schedule with your pup such as the number of walks you take, and amount of playtime, exercise, sleep, and so on. This will help you determine where your canine should spend the night.

While there are a lot of conveniences to asking a friend or family member to watch your dog, it's possible that they won't be able to provide the attention you're hoping for. Check for work schedules and other plans that that person may have before planning to leave the dog. If your caregiver is gone most of the day and your dog is used to more interaction, you may need to seek an alternative. On the other hand, if you have a relaxed dog who enjoys lazy afternoons, then perhaps a busier caregiver is a great option.

This is the largest advantage to using a pet-hotel or kennel. These providers are specifically programmed to provide the right amount of attention for your dog. They have all the tools, space, and people necessary to keep your dog entertained, fed, and comfortable. To reiterate, look around the facility and ask what the amenities include. 

Being apart from your pets is never easy but knowing they are in good hands helps. Keep these tips in mind as you decide what will work best for your family so you and your pet can relax while you're away.