Small Dog Vomiting In The Middle Of The Night? Know How To Help

Posted on: 26 March 2015

Life doesn't always happen during business hours. It seems inevitable that if you, a family member or your pet is going to need medical attention, it's going to happen at night or on the weekend at some point. You could go to bed believing that all is right with the world, and then suddenly your small dog starts vomiting. You're awakened in panic, not knowing what to do. This guide hopes to shed some light on how to make their little belly feel better until you can get them to the vet.

Step 1: Feed Your Dog

Smaller dogs have tiny bellies. The majority of their vomiting episodes are not life-threatening incidents, but instead a reaction from being hungry. Little dogs need to eat small amounts frequently, so their blood sugar doesn't drop and their bellies don't get upset.

If their vomit is a yellow-green material, your dog's body is expelling bile and may just need to eat. Give them a tiny amount of food to see if they will keep it down. If so, your problem is solved. If not, continue with the following steps.

Step 2: Feed Them Bread

Break up a piece of bread into tiny pieces and feed your dog by hand. Use white bread if you have it, but shy away from any type of bread that might have some spices in it, as this can further upset their tummy.

The bread soaks up the acid in their bellies. If your dog simply got into something it shouldn't have, then it is likely that they'll keep the bread down and within a few hours be back to their normal selves. If this does not work, call an emergency vet immediately.

Step 3: Keep the Dog Hydrated

Small dogs get dehydrated easily. If they are vomiting, dehydration occurs quickly. Supply your dog with clean water and encourage it to drink. Even if they can't keep the water down, still encourage them to drink while you make preparations to see the nearest emergency vet.  

Step 4: Try to Find the Cause

More often than not, small dogs can get an upset stomach because they got into something they shouldn't have. Look around for chocolate remnants or other items that appear to have been chewed up. You'll need this information if a trip to the vet is necessary.

Sometimes dogs just get an upset tummy and there is no cause. If this is the case, the bread works wonders, so that you and your dog can get some much-needed sleep. As a precaution, call your vet during business hours to see if they think your dog should be seen. 

For more information, contact Animal Medical Center or a similar location.