Common Ailments Your Newly Adopted Kitten Might Bring Home

Posted on: 20 March 2015

Sometimes kittens that are adopted can come along with illnesses or parasites that need to be treated. If your kitten was living outside or spent time in a shelter, there are common ailments that you can look out for. Here are five common kitten health problems that you might have to have your veterinarian treat after you bring home an adopted kitten.

1. Fleas

Fleas can carry diseases that can make your kitten generally uncomfortable. The big issue is treatment, since kittens cannot be treated with adult cat medication. Bring your kitten to the vet to be sure that you can receive medication that won't harm your kitten.

2. Worms

Sometimes treatments given to kittens at an adoption center will not successfully kill off worms. This is an internal issue, and symptoms might only show up in your kitten's stools or if you see something that looks like a grain of rice near the base of your kitten's tail. Your vet will be able to give you a pill to mix with your kitten's food at home to kill off this parasite.

3. Ringworm

Ringworm is identified by a rash that can easily spread between kittens living outdoors or in a shelter. If your kitten presents any type or rash or is excessively licking and area of their body, bring them into the vet. This can be treated with medicated creams or baths.

4. Ear Mites

If your kitten's ears seem to bother them or they are scratching their ears excessively, they might have ear mites. It is important to have this treated so that your cat doesn't end up with long-term damage to their ears. Your vet can prescribe medication to treat mites or diagnose if there is another problem going on.

5. Infection from Stitches

If your kitten recently was spayed, she might still have fresh stitches from her surgery before she was adopted out. These might bother her and she might try to pull on them. To avoid infection, consult with your veterinarian. You might need to put a cone on your kitten's head to protect stitches and promote healing.

If your kitten is showing signs or symptoms of any ailment, getting to the veterinarian is important. Even if your kitten was examined and treated at an adoption center like Pilot Knob Animal Hospital, sometimes common problems can re-occur from being around so many other pets. Pet adoption is a great thing, but make sure that you provide aftercare for your kitten if they are having problems once they are home with you.