The Importance Of Walking Your Dog

Posted on: 26 February 2015

Most people want to spend as much time as possible with their furry friends. But sometimes it's just not possible when work and other obligations get in the way. If you are getting a new dog and want to spend time with it, doing something that's good for them, then taking them for a daily walk is important. Here's why:

Walking Prevents Boredom

Dogs, especially younger ones, get bored easily. Scheduling a certain time of the day that you'll take them for a walk gives them something to look forward to.

When dogs are bored, they may exhibit some behavioral problems. Some can be destructive, such as tearing up a pillow or your favorite pair of stilettos to expend some pent up energy. Other dogs mistake your favorite rug for their spot to go to the bathroom. Additionally, when dogs are bored, they can get into things that they shouldn't. If they get into household cleaners or injure themselves, they'll require medical attention. Walking your dog helps alleviate these problems.

Walking Helps Prevent Obesity

Just like humans, dogs can become obese. If your dog is not getting the proper amount of exercise, they will gain weight. This normally happens in middle-aged to older dogs. Walking is great exercise for them and can help stave off the extra pounds.

If you have a backyard, you're already a little ahead of the game. But, most dogs are not going to find some way to entertain themselves out there. Unlike children, dogs don't just go out and play. So, take them outside to play fetch and other games they love, just keep it as an added activity to walking.

Walking Helps Training and Bonding

Walking your dog offers a great opportunity for you to begin teaching your dog some basic commands. Take a few treats with you so that you can reward them when they behave well on the leash. This is a great opportunity to teach them to sit, stay and heel.

Take advantage of other opportunities to train your dog during the walk. Along your path, you'll likely see other people walking their dogs. The more they see other dogs along the way, the more they'll ditch the aggressive attitude that some breeds have when strange dogs come around.

In addition to the training opportunity that walking your dog provides, you'll find that this is a great opportunity to bond with your furry friend. However, you'll need to stay off the cell phone and really take the time to show your pup that it's their moment.

Try as best you can to incorporate a walking schedule into your dog's activities. If you have to work all day, hire someone to come in and walk the dog for you. Share this with others who are getting a dog and need to know the importance of walking them. If you ever have a pet emergency, contact an animal hospital like Denville Animal Hospital right away.